Verlagshaus Braun

2: 0 0:6 Die Stadien

2005, english-german and english-cinese editions, 176 pages

  1. -Comprehensive and extensively illustrated study of the historical development of stadium buildings, since ancient times. with images from art history and individual schematic diagrams

  2. -All stadiums involved in the World Cup 2006, together with architects and operators

  3. -Photos of up to a meter in width

  4. -Successful stadium book about the World Cup, with many reviews from all over the world


Brockhaus multimedia encyclopaedia

DVD-Rom, different editions

- Concept and implementation focused multimedia element aproach - with emphasis on art and architecture

- Numerous photos relating to architecture from all over the world


Paris and-guide

2004, english-german-french-spanish, 192 pages inc. map

- Actual buildings applying to all areas of life (to go, to see, to stay…)

- Predominantly own photos

- Including examples of young architects, the ‘Grands Projet’ and the famous, contemporary city parks


Berlin and-guide

2003, english-german-french-spanish, 192 pages inc. map

- die wichtigsten Bauten des neuen Regierungsviertels

  1. -exklusive, überwiegend eigene Fotos, z.B. aus dem Kanzleramt

  2. -zahlreiche Fotos des jungen Berliner Architekturfotografen Leo Seidel

Monte von DuMont

Höhepunkte der Weltarchitektur / Architecture Highlights

2001, German and English editions, 440 pages

- Project taken over from another company due to weak text and structuring

- Addition of new projects and final completion

- With numerous own photographs


Bertelsmann / Wissen Media / arvato

Content Pool


- Research for gaps in the official records of architecture

- Additional articles and basic articles

Data Becker

Das große Lexikon

DVD-Rom, different editions

  1. -Coordination of authors bringing together art and material culture

- Hundreds of own new articles relating to art, architecture and design.

- Revised, updated of old articles, standardization and new weighting

- Comprehensive multimedia

  1. -With numerous own photographs

Verlagshaus Braun

Clear Glass

2008, 256 pages

  1. -Featuring project made out of weight bearing glass

  2. -New textures and intelligent variation of this material

Verlagshaus Braun

Pure Plastic

2007, 256 pages

  1. -With explanations of the different available materials and their individual characteristics

- with experimental buildings

  1. -New material and surfaces

Verlagshaus Braun

Architectural Diary 08


- Previews of important buildings due to be completed in the relevant year, 2008

Verlagshaus Braun

1000 x European Hotels

2007, 1024 pages

- From designer hotels to renovated palaces, as well as examples of experimental hotel designs

- Around 5.000 Photographs

- Produced mainly with the hotels but also incorporating interior designers and architects

- Avoids promotional material and posing models

Verlagshaus Braun

Pläne Projekte Bauten. Architektur und Städtebau in Düsseldorf 2005 bis 2015

2007, german-english, 240 pages

- Text editor for this book, predominantly showing projects planned for the future of Duesseldorf

Verlagshaus Braun


2007, 432 pages

- Detailed introduction of historical perspective, with consideration given to the emergence of new types of architecture and building solutions

- Extensive differentiated and use-orientated factual detail and texts

Verlagshaus Braun

1000 x European Architecture

2006, 1024 pages

- Every building included in this book was built in the last 5 years by another architect

- Project taken over from another company after the first attempt at producing it failed 

Braun Publishing

Ecological Architecture

2009, 440 pages

  1. -120 projects; from Low to Hi-Tec, from one-room structures to city housing complexes

  2. -Standardized naming of the different ecological aspects presented in informative fact sheets

  3. -Different climate-dependent approaches taken in different parts of the world

Braun Publishing

Fine Fabric

2009, 256 pages

  1. -Sensual, experimental and classic application of materials, including synthetics and natural fabrics

  2. -Including interior and exterior design

Verlagshaus Braun

Diary 2009


  1. -Previews of important buildings due to be completed in the relevant year, 2009

Verlagshaus Braun

Paris – the Architecture Guide

2008, German and English editions, 344 pages

  1. -Includes texts relating to around 500 buildings, from ancient times to recent (with   

  Markus Golser)

- Illustrated throughout.

- General introductions to core concepts and ideas

- Predominately own pictures

Verlagshaus Braun

Malls and Department Stores

2008, 424 pages

  1. -Featuring 101 buildings from the last 10 years, from the middle of nowhere to the middle of the city.

  2. -Different approaches, including; shopping centers and amusement parks.

Verlagshaus Braun

Factory Design

2008, 264 pages

  1. -Examples of creativity within the “shell” of the structure

  2. -Creating corporate identity on a shoestring

Verlagshaus Braun

1000 x Landscape Architecture

2008, 1024 pages

  1. -1000 examples of landscape design from five different continents, even including the Antarctic!

  2. -Projects ranging from small-scale to large-scale landscaping projects

  3. -Including ‘urban’ landscape planning

  4. -Projects all finished within the last 15 years

Braun Publishing

Architectural Visions - Contemporary Sketches, Perspectives, Drawings.

2009, 368 pages

  1. -Updated and revised edition of „Handgezeichnete Visionen“

  2. -Architectural hand-drawn sketches from Germany

  3. -With a new comprehensive introduction to the history of hand-drawn architectural designs and architectural visions

Braun Publishing

French Interior Design

2009, english-french-german, 208 pages

- Detailing 50 examples of contemporary interior design

- Including rural, classic, chic and modern styles

Braun Publishing

Toy Design

2009, 262 pages

- Beautifully designed and aesthetically appealing toys and games

- Including information about designers and manufacturers

- Avoiding promotional text and gratuitous advertising

- Detailed individual introductions to each chapter

Braun Publishing

Cinema Architecture

2009, 256 pages

  1. -From houses consisting of just one room to multiplex structures and experimental cinema construction, including private and public cinemas

  2. -Cinema construction in relation to other types of construction projects

  3. -Large number of plans

Braun Publishing

Masterpieces: Bridge Architecture + Design

2009, english-french-german, 304 pages

  1. -Constructions all built within the last five years.

  2. -Exact structural classification of structure type.

  3. -Architecture balanced with structural and aesthetic analysis.

Braun Publishing

Collection: Landscape Architecture

2009, english-french-german, 456 pages

- Illustrations larger than A4 size

- 180 exemplary projects, including garden and landscape architecture as well as “land art”

Braun Publishing

Masterpieces: Performance Architecture + Design

2010, english-german-french, 304 pages

  1. -Many different types of stages

  2. -Examples from the last 5 years and some to be realized in the near future

  3. -Approximately 60 projects

Braun Publishing


2010, 272 pages

  1. -Regional and long distance travel

  2. -Including much more than just waiting rooms

  3. -Featuring projects from the last five years and some due to be completed in the near future

  4. -Approximately 60 projects

Braun Publishing

German Interior Design

2010, english-german., 208 pages

- Featuring 50 examples of contemporary interior design

- Rural, classic, chic and modern styles

- Private houses, offices, shops and medical practices…

Braun Publishing

Collection: Offices

2009, english-german-french, 456 pages

  1. -Pictures larger than A4 pages

  2. -180 examples of modern offices

  3. -Including everything from large-area office space to business lounges

Braun Publishing

Street furniture

2010, 256 pages

  1. -Individual projects and serial products

  2. -Light and Sign, Garbage, Boundary, Bike and Play, Seating, Ensemble, Pavement, Product line, Plants and Water, Shelter

Braun Publishing

Diary 2010


  1. -Previews of important buildings due to be completed in the relevant year, 2010

Braun Publishing

Diary 2011


  1. -Previews of important buildings due to be completed in the relevant year, 2011

Braun Publishing

Swiss Design

2010, 232 pages

- Emerging and renowned design, "Made in Switzerland"

- Complete with information about designers and manufacturers

- Avoiding promotional text

- Detailed introduction to each individual chapter

Braun Publishing

Re-Use Architecture

2010, 408 pages

  1. -Over 100 converted buildings

  2. -Stemming from all walks of life and with every imaginable original purpose.

  3. -Often with pictures of the original building

  4. -Large number of architectural plans

Braun Publishing

Low Price Houses

2010, 256 pages

- Featuring buildings costing no more than 150.000 euros (Germany) in high quality architecture

- From smaller properties, to properties of over 100 square meters

- Costs converted specifically for each country, using the Big Mac index (no luxury materials but regionally located raw-materials)

- Price in national currency and in “burgers” to allow comparisons between countries

Braun Publishing

Competition Architecture

2010, 408 pages

  1. -This book was acquired from a Chinese publishing office, which failed to finish it.

  2. -Contents now focuses on entries to important architectural competitions (Gazprom Headquarters, WTC, New Mariinsky Theater) and projects that haven‘t been in a competition were eliminated

Braun Publishing

Collection: Contemporary Museums - Architecture, History, Collections

2010, 512 pages

- English: descriptions of architecture and information about the museum’s collections & history.

- Editions available in other languages, without information about the collections and with reduced factual text.

- Illustrations displayed on A4-size pages.

- Featuring over 170 buildings.

Braun Publishing

Berlin – the Architecture Guide

2010, German edition, 384 pages

- Updating and revision of German edition, now including the years 2006-present

  1. -With own new images

Braun Publishing

Green Design

2011, 240 pages

  1. -Sustainable and socially responsible product design

  2. -Covering the areas of: living, working, outdoor and fashion.

  3. -Approximately 100 projects.

Braun Publishing

Water enjoyment

2011, 224 pages

  1. -Long preface about water and architecture in history and future

  2. -Interesting interview with Kas Oosterhuis (ONL)

Braun Publishing

Automobile Architecture


  1. -Car Showrooms, car parks, petrol stations and carwashes

  2. -Focusing on buildings from the last five years and some to be finished in the near future

  3. -Approximately 100 projects

  4. -More than 400 pages

  5. -english and german edition

Braun Publishing

Contemporary landscaping: Waterscapes

2011, 176 pages

Braun Publishing

Contemporary landscaping: Facade Greenery

2011, 176 pages

Braun Publishing

Art in Public

2011, 272 pages

  1. -500 works of art in public spaces, spanning the last 2000 years.

  2. -Approx. 150 works created before and up to the mid 20th century and 350 works after 1950.

  3. -With a focus on the actual artists

  4. -Monuments, memorials, portraits, public space and Land Art

Braun Publishing

1000 x European Architecture - 2nd

2011, 1024 pages

  1. -1000 European building all constructed in the last 5 years

  2. -All building genres and current styles

  3. -All European countries, all major architects

  4. -1024 pages, 4500 images and plans

Braun Publishing

Light in Architecture

2011, 448 pages

  1. -ca. 100 buildings

  2. -Light defines space and volume as well as atmosphere

  3. -Short chapters specific to exterior lighting systems and daylight in interior space.

Braun Publishing


2011, 256 pages

  1. -ca. 70 projects

  2. -Structural references around the topic Health

  3. -english and german edition

Braun Publishing

Passive House Homes

2012, 240 pages, in English

  1. -innovative technology and aesthetics in family homes

  2. -56 projects

Braun Publishing

Airport Architecture

2012, 288 pages

  1. -71 Projects

  2. -Various project sizes from extensions to new constructions

  3. -Space ports

  4. -Airport components (e.g. towers, terminals, lounges)

Braun Publishing

Residential Architecture for Senior Citizens

2012, 264 pages

- english and german editions

  1. -63 Projects

  2. -including Skyscrapers and gated communities

Braun Publishing

Fire, Crime and Accident

Fire Stations, Police Departments, Rescue Services

2012, 256 pages

  1. -58 Projekte

  2. -Police, fire and ambulance stations

Braun Publishing

Convention Centers

2012, 296 pages

  1. -75 Projekte

  2. -Both independent buildings and as integrated parts of other building projects

  3. -State-of-the-art technology

Braun Publishing


2012, 448 pages

  1. -116 Bauten

  2. -Residential high-rises and commercial buildings (office, mixed-use)

  3. -Including the new WTC in New York

  4. -The world’s tallest buildings

  5. -Impressive plans for the future

Braun Publishing

Atlas of World Architecture

Markus Sebastian Braun | Chris van Uffelen (ed.)

2012, 512 pages

  1. -New top class architecture from around the world

  2. -Showcase of modern building culture

Braun Publishing

Urban Spaces

Plazas, Squares & Streetscapes

2012, 272 pages

  1. -95 Projects

  2. -Public, urban life in open space

  3. -Function of each project as Forum, Theatron, Corso

Braun Publishing

Hospital Architecture

Christine Nickl-Weller | Hans Nickl (Hrsg.)
2012, 424 Seiten, englisch

  1. -kostenintensive Bauaufgabe mit hohem Erneuerungsdruck

  2. -Neubauten, Renovierungen und Ausbauten