Architectural Diary 10

Braun Publishing

English | German | Spanish
Wire-O bound, plastic cover
15 x 15 cm
160 pages
20 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-03768-019-3

The Architectural Diary 10 is an essential calendar for architects, designers and architecture lovers. With sufficient space for personal scheduling, it provides daily information about current and historical events from the world of architecture and shows visualizations of the most spectacular prospective design and development for the first year of the new decade: 2010.

From the contents:

Danish Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010, China (Bjarne Ingels Group)

Five Franklin Place in New York, USA (UNStudio)

Baltic Arena in Gdansk, Polen (RKW)

Ravensbourne College of Design in London, UK (foreign office architecture)

Masdar Headquarter in Abu Dhabi (Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill)